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Inspired and built over the code of Daniel Shiffman‘s CodingRainbow tutorial on SuperFormulas, and the work of Reza Ali.

I made an app on Processing to generate and control supershapes on realtime, which I used to perform live visuals at BoomFestival2016 (used during the set of Krumelur at the Alchemy Circle Stage)

Find the code here on my github.

It is still an unfinished job, with a big to-do list. But it is stable an fun. It sends signal through Syphon so you can mix it with other visual content, FXs and software. Audio amplitude changes color cycles. I sent the Syphon’s signal to VDMX, and then mixed with QuartzComposer compositions.
It has (on SaveShape TAB) an array to store shapes, which will loop then autonomously with the function shapeShift(int x) active.

Works on Processing 3. Needs Syphon, PeasyCam, processingSound and controlP5 Processing’s libraries.

Explore it, Improve it, Share it and have Fun.



// Some pictures from the Alchemy Stage with the SuperShapes being projected.


// Some Supershapes’s stills.

supershape. Control GUI
// SuperShapes control GUI, with parameters to modify the shapes, and the bottom to trigger autonomous shape-shifter function.