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Some extracts from my live visuals for the BEYOND THE GATE event.

Visuals for 4 live rock bands at the Alamo Cinema / Austin / Texas. 16.03.2014.

“Expanded cinema, experimental event, skull shattering sensory overload; call it what you want, but this is an evening not to be missed. We here at the Alamo have teamed up with Strange Victory Touring as well as our friends Protos Festival, Atomic Picnic, and Portugal’s visual artist Rodrigo Carvalho to entangle you in transformative aural/visual resonance. Drawing heavily on occult imagery, psychedelia, and the dark corners of the peripheral, we invite you to join us for one night only with our guests, Wreckmeister Harmonies, B L A C K I E, Indian Jewelry, and Spray Paint!!!!”