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“2V-P is a live visual performance tool designed by Ali M. Demirel and engineered by Pascal H. Lesport, as the outcome of their artistic collaboration.

2V-P aims to manifest the idea of a minimalist visual concept and an interactive performance technique which Demirel has developed through his live show experience.”



In the last couple days I have been doing a test drive with “2V-P”, a new tool for live performance, which is basically a Quartz Composer 2 channel mixer.

It uses as source only Quartz Composer’ patches, and you are able to manipulate them in real time, which means that you have access to all the parameters of the patches from the 2v-p interface. The strongest idea behind 2vp is the minimal/”keep it simple” logic. Focusing its functionalities on getting the best of the live performance experience.

Although of the “keep it simple” mentality , the fact that it is uses Quartz Composer patches and is able to send and receive OSC/MIDI basically means that you can to do almost anything with it. Working with images,sound, live feed, text, video, generative graphics,…. and connect it with any software/Interface that has OSC/MIDI. Useful for Vj, audio reactive lives, dance interactive performances, installations, and a big etc.


Above in the interface’s detail you can see one of the channels. On the top a preview window, showing the content on that window, and in the bottom 2 sliders controlling the parameters of the visual patch.

Check 2V-P at  and basic tutorial here.
If you never used Quartz Composer before and you want a “Getting Started Guide” check the compilation of fundamental links here.
While I was testing it with some audio-reactive QC’s patches and listening to some techno sound, I got enthusiastic and I screen grabbed some moments, and edited it later on a video.  Watch it below:

[Track: Plastikman – Gak (sheet one, 1992)]