Selected highlights from ACM Multimedia 2013 / Barcelona


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[1] “MultiSensory Mixed Reality with smell and taste”, Adrian Cheok.

(this video is not from ACMM13, but it is a similar talk)


[2] “Tracking-based Interaction for Object Creation in Mobile Augmented Reality”, Wolfgang Hürst, Joris Dekker.

Paper at ACMM13 proceedings, teaser video


[3] “Facilitating Fashion Camouflage Art”, Ranran Feng, Balakrishnan Prabhakaran

Paper at ACMM13 proceedings

[4] “Gesture–based Control of Physical Modeling Sound Synthesis: a Mapping-by-Demonstration Approach”, Jules Françoise, Norbert Schnell,Frédéric Bevilacqua

Paper at ACMM13 proceedings


[5] “Context-Aware Gesture Recognition in Classical Music Conducting”, Álvaro Sarasúa

Paper at ACMM13 proceedings