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“Kepler Terrain” is a Quartz Composer patch made for BorisChimp504 A/V live performances.
It illustrates a vision from Boris’s space ship flying over Kepler 22b’s surface.
It was made using Rutt/Etra plug in by Vade.

“Rutt Etra” was an analogue video synthesiser, created by Steve Rutt and bill Etra in the 70s, for real time manipulation of the video signal.
This synthesiser allowed the user to play with the video sync lines oscillator, control offset and “z-displace”.
It was used by several video artists for visual creation. One of the most kiss ass visuals is “SCAN PROCESSOR STUDIES” by Woody Vasulka and Brian o’Rielly.

For “Kepler Terrain” patch I used as source a Perlin Noise texture that is constantly moving in a way to simulate the mountains. But you can use any image source you like (check the image input ).

Then I changed a bit the rotation and point of view (check the 3dTransform block) and inserted audio information in the Z-Extrude parameter, in order to make the mountains go up and down reacting to the sound.

You can download “Kepler Terrain” patch here:
Inside you will find notes with all the informations. You will need Rutt/Etra plug in.
You can see it working above in Boris’s “Mission to Kepler” teaser: