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If I haver make a list of my favourite creators in “interactive/newMedia/coding/blabla” field Robert  Hodgin would be in the top 5.
He was the first that got my attention for coding and Processing (in OFFF 2007 or 2006 I think), where in his presentation he was explaining how the installation “Grass” worked out, and he also showed some of his explorations on flocking birds and magnetic fields. In fact he has a thing for dynamic particles, agents and simulations.

Some days ago he released on his website the last project: Boil Up.
A installation where is displayed a massive real time simulation of a shoal of fishes and some predators doing a special underwater feeding-dance known as “Bait Ball“.

Don’t forget to check the project documentation in his webpage, to learn about the process and technical details on how to make fishes swim.